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I was asked to create a poster for 'Back Home' a short film by Chris Purnell. He kindly contacted me to commission an eye-catching poster for his Amazon release of the Scottish film. The story explores some complicated themes involving PTSD and mental health with the plot getting progressively darker towards the end. 'Mark is a returning soldier suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). With the help of a newly-qualified therapist, Tess, and her role-playing, we begin to understand Mark and the people in his life: his sister; a prostitute he is in love with; and the neighbour he is spying on.' Written by British Film Council website. I quite enjoy films with interesting character

Three Ships (part 1)

'Three Ships' is the second book I have been asked to create illustrations for. The series of books tell the story of Grandad Chris and Nana Fi as they circumnavigate the world in their yacht - 'Three Ships'. Chris and Fi have a great sense of adventure and have seen an enormous amount of the world during their 14 year voyage. They became grandparents whilst globe trotting and it is this which inspired Fi to write poems for her new family members. Not only to explain what Nana and Grandad were doing, but also to inspire them to travel and see the world. Fi was keen to include as many nautical details as possible into the story and drawings. Alongside capturing the sort of environments and wi

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