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The Grandparent Project

The Grandparent Project is a personal venture of Natalie to record and preserve all of the stories from her Grandparents past.

(What a perfect idea)

The stories are set out in bite size chunks and documents the significant events, emotions and memories of Natalie's grandparents.

The first installment takes us through some of their earliest memories about their childhood during the Second World War. With more stories about their lives from here to the present day.

They are a great read as they include all of the little details about life 'back then' that the present generation would never appreciate ... for example not many people can remember a time when food was rationed or the bus costing a penny or when deliveries were made by horse & cart.

Natalie has had the ingenious idea to ask all kinds of different illustrators to contribute to her project by drawing for each story and I've been kindly asked to do some to!

After looking at a few of the black and white photographs, I decided that the illustrations should reflect this to some extent, while being brightened by watercolour floral designs.

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