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Small Business Marketing (Case Study 2)

Small Business Marketing (Case Study 2) Thorn Performance Physiotherapy & Pilates Small businesses begin in all sorts of ways, like a jigsaw you know what the end goal will look like from the picture on the box (the vision in your mind) it's a case of working out how to put all the bits together. Some of the missing pieces I can help you with are: 1) The look and functionality of your Wix website 2) The social media streams you choose 3) Your printed marketing After several years experience working as a fully qualified physiotherapist in Australia, Josie decided to set up her very own practise here in the Lutterworth Cross Fit Gym. Josie has a great space where she can treat her physiotherap

Targeted Marketing

Why is targeted marketing so important for your business? Making sure that your company message reaches a wide audience is important, however it is critical to reach the right type of customer and offer them reasons or incentives to choose you over the competition. But what are they making a decision on? Which offers makes your company stand out? Do they need your services? Are you offering value for money? Kettering Motorist Center is an independent garage with a strong customer base and have built lasting relationships with their clients over time. The garage has steadily grown and the next step for directors Tim & Richard Hartley was to start attracting new customers from the surrounding

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