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I do love a mug, as do most people! I have created artwork for several different mug purposes including: - Prizes for sporting events - Company Merchandise - Individual Gifts - Staff Motivation - Where each member of staff chose a favourite picture and had their tea & coffee preferences printed on the side. A perfect staff motivational tool and great for making drinks rounds easy to remember! Artwork prices begin from £9.99, send me your brief and we can get started on creating a mug to treasure. Staff motivation price packages available :)

Event Digital Design & Marketing for the Scorpion Dinghy Association

I have been creating the graphic designs and merchandise artwork for the Scorpion dinghy class association for a few years now. I began by creating a family of logos for the class to advertise their events to class members. Following on from there I supply artwork for prizes such as water bottle, glassware & mugs. I also photoshop images with sponsors logos or create event information adverts for facebook and banners for the Scorpion website. Get in touch if you need any help with advertising your event!

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