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As a kid, I had a tendency to collect maps, illustrated atlases, and charts. Whenever we went on holiday to new places or even just the zoo I would quickly collect the map which were usually illustrated with landmarks and workout which places looked the most exciting to visit first. So when I was asked to create a map to guide and intrigue the guests of the Stable House I quickly accepted and had an awful lot of fun creating an illustrated map for the proprietors Eleanor & Neil. The Stable House offers a tranquil get away for people, where they can relax and work through any life problems they may be experiencing, or if they want to be rested and restored, so this map was to encourage the gu

Using Facebook to reach local & national audiences

Matt runs a successful personal training company, he meets and trains his clients face to face, travels to their preferred work out spots and has a very packed working schedule. Local Advertising Not just content with meeting private clients, Matt decided to set up a local running group in Lutterworth purely for beginners with much success. Matt found that while word of mouth was getting him a regular turn out, he decided to start using some social media advertising targeted to boost the groups numbers. Handily over the years Matt has built up quite a large following on his facebook page so this was perfect place to start advertising. As his facebook stream was going to become a focal point

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