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Using Facebook to reach local & national audiences

Matt runs a successful personal training company, he meets and trains his clients face to face, travels to their preferred work out spots and has a very packed working schedule.

Local Advertising

Not just content with meeting private clients, Matt decided to set up a local running group in Lutterworth purely for beginners with much success. Matt found that while word of mouth was getting him a regular turn out, he decided to start using some social media advertising targeted to boost the groups numbers.

Handily over the years Matt has built up quite a large following on his facebook page so this was perfect place to start advertising. As his facebook stream was going to become a focal point for his advertising it needed a bit of brand cohesion ... of course something you know I love doing!

I created a bundle of adverts for him to post on his facebook stream, they have proved quite popular with likes and shares from the local runners helping him to spread the word.

National Advertising

Into his packed schedule he has also decided to train as a qualified nutrition advisor to help his clients with their health and fitness goals, "as no amount of training will cancel out a poor diet..." as he, quite rightly, keeps telling me.

This innovative diversification has meant that his business model has changed slightly in that he can now reach more people via phone and email rather than being limited to face to face with his nutritional advice packages. So he asked me to create a bundle of social media adverts for him to set about getting the message out about the new side to his company.

Creating eye-catching, sharable adverts has meant that people on a national scale have been happily liking and sharing them, helping Matt to reach a whole new set of clients and expand his business quickly.

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