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I was asked to create a poster for 'Back Home' a short film by Chris Purnell. He kindly contacted me to commission an eye-catching poster for his Amazon release of the Scottish film. The story explores some complicated themes involving PTSD and mental health with the plot getting progressively darker towards the end.

'Mark is a returning soldier suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). With the help of a newly-qualified therapist, Tess, and her role-playing, we begin to understand Mark and the people in his life: his sister; a prostitute he is in love with; and the neighbour he is spying on.' Written by British Film Council website.

I quite enjoy films with interesting characters and you can check out the film reviews here.

After watching the trailer a few times I chose a greyscale colour scheme with red as the bright eye catching colour for lips and the title. I felt this reflected the dark lighting and issues being explored by Chris in the film. After sending over a few options, we quickly tweaked one idea to suit what Chris needed for his release date.

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