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Why printed marketing shouldn't be underestimated

Bright, bold, and to the point ... thats the key to all marketing. The amount of times you've given out your beautifully designed and printed information and had no results immediately is all too common.

Matt experiences this all the time, he finds that his card details tend to get left behind a fridge magnet, or stuck to a cork board for months before somebody picks up the phone to him. So Matt has devised a new way to get some immediate results to be busier over the summer, while his personal training clients are off on their holidays.

Making a short 8 week long weight loss clinic for groups all over south Leicestershire is a perfect way to help people achieve their health goals in a couple of months. The classes also have a closed facebook group running alongside them to help people stay in touch and motivate each other through the 8 weeks (a super idea).

Matt decided that a flyer drop would be the best way to target people in the immediate vicinity of the rooms he is hiring out to host the classes, making it as easy as possible for people to take action and sign up for the groups.

A perfect plan, so I designed some flyers for his drop, with a blank space so he can use a stamp to change the dates, venue and timing for the classes. Its quite nice isn't it. 

If you need a flyer or any printed marketing for your event or services, get in touch! 


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