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Tales of Three Ships Part 2

Fi Jones and I are so excited to say that Three Ships part 2 has been completed!

Fi and I went to the Southampton boat show to launch the new book. Fi did some readings for children on the tall ship Kaskalot and on the main stage at the show. 

We are very happy to say that not only are the books available on the three ship website:

Both of the 'Three Ships Tales' are also available on Amazon and from Book Harbour

The second part of the tales are beautifully written and tell of the different lands and wildlife Grandad Chris and Nana Fi start to encounter as they sail further and further on. Blissfully, wander-happy, Grandad Chris and Nana Fi have set sail from Portugal and are finding even more adventures await them as they travel along the Spanish coastline and across the Atlantic.  

Exploring the island of Gibraltar, meeting pink flamingos, having a close encounter with a giant Fin whale and dodging Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish. They visit the dusty islands of Maderia, find lush green levada walks and carry on their journey across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

Watch this space for book three, the journey from St Lucia across the Caribbean Sea, along the Panama Canal and up to the Galapagos islands! 


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