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Crooks Press Publishing

Through the power of Instagram, I was approached by Crooks Press(Aus) to be part of a publication called 'Drawn Vol. 1'.

Which in their own words is: 

'An inspirational survey of todays leading practicing illustrators. It offers a unique insight into the creative approaches and practises of artists at the forefront of their craft.' 

Today I received my very own copy of the 240 long catalogue which exhibits an astonishing array of different techniques and ideas from illustrators all over the world.

I was so engrossed by looking at everyone else's work I almost forgot that printed on page 65 was my own portfolio! Sometimes you don't know if your still going to love the artwork you submit a year on, but I'm still really happy with Carpe Diem Peacock Butterfly and Rudbeckia Bees. 

Peacock Butterfly Illustration

The catalogue will be available through places like Amazon and Waterstones, but more excitingly for me and the other illustrators, it has been distributed to art directors and other interesting people all over the world. 

Handily, for everyone who just wants a quick nose at the portfolios, they are all online -

But excuse me, as I am going on an Instagram hunt to find some of the other amazing artists in Drawn Vol. 1.


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