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The Joy Spot

The Joy Spot

'I don't like pink ... but ... it is my favourite colour'

was the brief from Michelle Lowe.

'Thats okay ... there are thousands of pinks in the world'

I replied ...

After several attempts at trying to combine neutral greys with deep purples and faded periwinkles ... we both had to admit it ... we were trying to create a brand which was missing the most important bit - Michelle and her passion for her new relationship coaching service... Hot pink just made sense.

Michelle was keen to appeal to men and women equally with her branding which is where the concern for being 'too pink' stemmed from. However after talking through some of the aspects of her business we agreed that the majority of her customers would be female or from the LGBT community, so having a appealing strong and feminine looking logo was a positive thing.

WIX Built Website

I quickly latched on to Michelles love of bright colour and bold images after she showed me her relationship blog. I set about creating her website, which needed to feel inviting and convey the message that this was place to come and improve your relationships, sex life and personal life. Michelle was keen to use Spot or circle graphics to further communicate her brand. I chose to fade circles in behind text or to draw attention to parts of the website, tying in with the 'Spot' aspect of Joy Spot.

Business Cards

After creating some bespoke social media icons in the colours of Joy Spot it was time to make some business cards for Michelle. She opted for some smooth cornered cards to fit with her brand and I kept the graphics bright and clean.

PDF Graphics

Michelle had a great idea of giving away a free PDF of top tips when new clients signed up to her email newsletter. To keep her brand continuity I added her logo and faded circles in the background. It is details like this which help to establish your brand and create familiarity between your brand and your customers.

Social Media Icons

I created a set of social media icons for Michelle that were in keeping with her brand and website. These icons are a tiny detail, but they are another subtle way to build a connection with clients through your branding.

Facebook Cover Image

Michelle has decided to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach new and existing clients so I made her some branded profile and cover images to help her customers identify her brand instantly. Again keeping a consistent brand across all platforms strengthens your brands message and relationship with your clients.

Michelle and I are still working on the website and printed marketing for Joy Spot, we work very closely together, she comes up with the ideas and I bring them to life! If you need any help with your website or marketing, get in touch and we can get started.

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