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Why printed marketing shouldn't be underestimated...

Printed marketing should never be underestimated. It is as instant as social media and far more personal than a website. Making it memorable to your customers is easy if you have a consistent brand and a clear message.

A Loft Ladder have just such attributes to their branding Perfect for me to pick up and create some material for them!

Rob was after some small business card sized stickers so he could put them on his new customers ladders. In a business which relies on word of mouth, these were a suitable cost effective way for him to leave his details and make it super easy for his customers to recommend him to their friends and families. Using his existing brand guidelines I created 4 designs for him to pick his favourite.

In the same way I created some A5 flyers for him to give to local businesses. The idea being for them to be pinned to notice boards, in shop windows and hung up in staff rooms. In this way the Loft Ladder message is being spread to a local potential customer base and which is exactly who Rob is trying to reach with his marketing. He is also presenting a friendly face when he's dropping off these flyers, doing this in person will only build on his brand and increase the chance of people recommending his services.

Rob had a little concern that his clothing may not represent his brand to the best it could be, so I designed some new branded t-shirts and jumpers for him. This way when he's instantly recognisable to his clients and people can ask him directly about fitting loft ladders.

Printed marketing is a wonderful thing, it can feel personal, can be targeted, and can instantly place your brand with you and your staff. People buy off people at the end of the day!

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