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Three Ships (Part 2)

It has finally happened!

'Three Ships' has been published and printed!

The first instalment in the Three Ships series details the preparation and departure of Grandad Chris and Nana Fi as they set sail from North Wales, across the stars and storms of the Bay of Biscay to Portugal. There Chris & Fi travel on through parts of Portugal, visiting landmarks and meeting the local people. But will they take their adventures further... ?

The rhyming story was originally written by Fi Jones as a way to explain their adventurous lives to their grand children back home. However as more people read Fi's work it became apparent that the descriptive poems spoke beyond their original audience. With the encouragement of Chris, her family and friends she decided to make her dream of publishing a book a reality. After coming home from their epic journey she met up with her old friends - my mum and dad - who told her that I was looking for a project to illustrate... and after a quick Skype call with me ...

After hearing the poem aloud on the Skype call I knew that this was a project I had to be involved with. Not only could I draw boats but I could illustrate all of the wildlife and scenery that is depicted in the story. Crucially for Fi I could illustrate the boat set up details, equipment and help the reader to get a sense for what it really is like on board a sailing yacht.

It was important to Fi to introduce nautical terms in relevant places throughout, while I had to made sure the illustrations support the text, making it easy to understand for sailors and non sailors alike.

We are very excited about this very first step into the project for the Tales of Three Ships. We have planned a full series of books to tell of the passages right around the world and back again... so watch this space.

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