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T-Shirt Design

T Shirt Design for the Lark dinghy class

Just let me know if you want any designs doing' 

This off hand comment was the start of my journey to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, a programme which I had often opened, fiddled around with, then quickly shut it down as I didn't understand why things suddenly flicked into different colours or why shapes seemed to get stuck on one another.

I have in the past watched ...or peered annoyingly over the shoulders of several professionals as they produced some stunning things on AI. Giving me tight smiles as I would ask the most basic of questions, but never really understanding the answer. 

But back to my off hand comment... which was offered to the Lark associations chairman on a particularly slow sail in to shore as the wind had died for the day and cold drizzle had set in...A few months later I was asked to create some artwork for the Lark 50th anniversary t-shirt. So I accepted (of course) and then had a hard think about how the hell I was going to do this. My many years experience of designing in Photoshop needed to move up a gear. 

Thankfully, I found a lovely lady who was prepared to teach me all about the ins and outs of Adobe and how to make print ready artwork. With her very patient tuition I am happy to say that Adobe is no longer a daunting prospect! - 

In fact I am using it to great effect in one of my commissions to illustrate city landmarks... but more on that another time. 

To get in contact with an excellent software tutor click hereto talk to Jenny.

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