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Illustrating Maps

As a kid, I had a tendency to collect maps, illustrated atlases, and charts. Whenever we went on holiday to new places or even just the zoo I would quickly collect the map which were usually illustrated with landmarks and workout which places looked the most exciting to visit first.

So when I was asked to create a map to guide and intrigue the guests of the Stable House I quickly accepted and had an awful lot of fun creating an illustrated map for the proprietors Eleanor & Neil.

The Stable House offers a tranquil get away for people, where they can relax and work through any life problems they may be experiencing, or if they want to be rested and restored, so this map was to encourage the guests to go outside and have walk and see what kind of things they can discover in the grounds. 

The Stable House is set in the middle of beautiful grounds with a wild couple of acres set away from the main house. After an hours walk, some reference pictures and marking the important sites on the old dull OS map which was currently being used to help the guests. I set about drawing and painting the individual elements of the map. Eleanor and Neil were keen to include wildlife illustrations into the map,alongside distinct plant and tree species.  I scanned each painting in to photoshop and created a map where the features could be moved and manipulated until everything was the right size and in the right place. The result is quite a busy map, but I think that it suits The Stable House and will give the guests plenty of reasons to get outside and explore the grounds. 


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